April ’14 Pre-Trip Travel Budget Roundup

It’s time for the April travel budget round up!  This one is going to look a bit crazy for multiple reasons. For one thing, I bought my Macbook Air!  I’m extremely excited and can’t wait for it to come in.  I did a lot of research and ended up buying a refurbished version for $866, so that’s why my “Travel items” category is so over budget.  However I got $935 Continue reading April ’14 Pre-Trip Travel Budget Roundup

From Saving to Spending

After nearly 2 years of planning and 1.5 years of saving (the first 6 months went to paying off student loans) the time has finally come to starting spending all my hard earned money…and boy does it hurt.  For so long I have pinched pennies and cut corners to put as much money as possible into my travel fund so to switch my mentality from saving to spending?  Not an Continue reading From Saving to Spending