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I am currently 27 years old – the horror!  I love the concept of keeping a bucket list (regardless of the fact it’s probably impossible to do them all) and keep a running tally of crazy life goals in a spreadsheet on my computer.

Instead of posting my beast of a bucket list, I thought I’d create a travel 30 before 30!  This is a list of 30 travel related items I would like to accomplish before I turn 30.

Some are adventurous.  Some are ridiculous.  But they’re all a recipe for a good time and an even better story.

Being that I am currently in the latter half of my twenties that gives me T-minus 2.5 years to accomplish them all.

Challenge accepted.


  1. Hike to Mt. Everest Base Camp and summit Kala Pattar (Completed 11/2/14)
  2. Go skydiving
  3. Go bungee jumping
  4. Watch the sunset (or sunrise) over Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia
  5. Walk the Great Wall of China (Completed 9/19/14)
  6. Live in both Australia and New Zealand for a year
  7. See killer whales in the wild (Completed 9/13/14)
  8. Stand in line for a crazy amount of hours to do something awesome
  9. Visit 25 countries
  10. Travel the world for over 2 years
  11. Watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia
  12. Travel solo (Started 9/18/14-now)
  13. Snorkel or scuba dive with whale sharks
  14. Hike on a glacier (Completed 11/1/14 – Khumbu Glacier, Everest)
  15. Go dune/sand surfing
  16. Road trip around Ireland (Completed 4/20/15)
  17. SCUBA dive between tectonic plates in Iceland (Completed 4/30/15)
  18. Go to an ice bar
  19. See cave paintings
  20. Toboggan…aggressively
  21. Get a Thai massage…in Thailand (Completed 11/27/14)
  22. Make an important decision with a coin toss
  23. Take a language class in a foreign country
  24. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Germany
  25. Fly either Business Class or First Class
  26. Celebrate Christmas/New Years on the beach (Christmas 2014 on Boracay Island, Philippines)
  27. Geek out in London, England (Completed 3/13/15)
  28. Get my Advanced SCUBA certification
  29. Rent a moped for a day of exploring
  30. Climb an active volcano

8 thoughts on “Travel 30 Before 30

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. That’s why I want to learn more about it – I think I’d really like it if I knew what was going on! And if perhaps they’d actually play it on American television…

  1. I’ve done a few of these things, most recently sunrise and sunset over Uluru, and if you can only do one, do the sunrise. It was AMAZING. Otherwise I feel kind of like you with kind of being “bored” of travel, but that sight brought me to tears. Do it! 🙂
    Cecilia recently posted…Goodbye Uluru, and goodbye flies.My Profile

    • I studied abroad in Townsville but unfortunately never make my way to the center! I’m so glad to hear the sunrise/sunset over Uluru is as amazing as I imagine it is! 😀

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