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My name is Emily and I’m a 27 year old Massachusetts girl with a serious case of itchy feet traveling the world one path at a time.

A bit about me – I used to be a dolphin trainer for the US Navy Marine Mammal Program. It was a fun, tough, rewarding job that left me smelling horrendously at the end of every day, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Before that I was a California sea lion trainer for 2 years doing shows.

I made the decision several years ago that my life was too comfortable and needed a change. Now I realize that there are many who seek a comfortable life and thrive in that environment, but that wasn’t me. Routine and stagnation are my personal enemies, and what better way to keep those at bay than travel.


Travel forces you to move, forces you out of the comfort of home and into the world ahead. There are many paths to be tread in this life, and I don’t want to walk only a few of them, I want to walk as many as I can.

So I put on my backpack and set off by myself to have adventures and travel the world.

I’ve walked along the Great Wall of China, hiked to Mt. Everest Base Camp, become a beach bum on the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand, nerded out with all things Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Sherlock in the U.K., and been SCUBA diving between the North American and European tectonic plates in Iceland.

IMG_6032You don’t have to physically leave your home behind in order to explore the world ahead. You just need to leave your comfort behind for a little while and tread along a path you may not have taken before.

Through this website I hope to inspire you through my own journey of leaving home and comfort behind. I’ll be sharing my unexpected journeys, my blunders and triumphs, attempts to remain healthy and in shape on the road, budget battles, and my ever changing travel plans.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

Emily x

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  1. Looking forward to spending the 6 weeks with you at home in MA. That last day will be bittersweet for all of us. We love you and support you in everything you do.
    Love, Dad

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