The cost of travel – December 2014 budget roundup

Sorry this post is a bit late – things have been crazy with unexpectedly flying home and a change of travel plans.  So without further ado my December travel budget roundup!


THAILAND (Koh Lanta, Bangkok)

I spent 13 days in Thailand during the month of December (on top of the 10 I spent in November) including 3 days in Bangkok and 10 on the island of Koh Lanta.

Total time: 13 days

Accomodation: 3413 THB (Thai Bhat) or $103.94 (avg. 263 THB/day or $8.00/day).  Per usual this was all hostel stays.  And nice ones at that!  They were clean, had curtains around each individual bed, and free breakfast.

Food: 3741 THB or $113.92 (avg. 288 THB/day or $8.80/day).  Thai food is cheap and delicious.  Most meals only cost a few dollars and give you HUGE portions.  I also had an obscene number of mango smoothies.  Not even sorry.

Transport: 1445 THB or $44 (avg. 112 THB/day or $3.40/day).  This includes my bus, ferry, flight, and taxi ride back to Bangkok, as well as travel around Bangkok itself.

Sightseeing: 1550 THB or $47.20 (avg. 119 THB/day or $3.60/day).  I finally did some sightseeing around Bangkok.  More on that to come in later posts.

Other:  880 THB or $26.80 (avg. 68 THB/day or $2.10/day).  This is mostly sunscreen, snacks, renting a bicycle for a day, a day of island hopping, and a movie day with Interstellar.

Total spent: 11030 THB ($335.85)

Average spent per day: 848 THB ($25.80)

To be honest for the week and a half I spent on Koh Lanta in December I was a bit of a bum.  I got up, went to the beach, got a mango smoothie, read a book, left and went back to the hostel before the afternoon thunderstorm, returned to the beach for a sunset yoga session/swim, then had a bite to eat at the local restaurant across the street from my hostel (delicious food and an entire meal for about $1.50).

But regardless of my hippie status, I didn’t hold back.  I had mango smoothies galore, went on a 4 islands tour, rented a bicycle and rode around the island for a day, and went to all the major siteseeing places in Bangkok.

Thailand is definitely it’s own unique kind of cheap and a travel budget dream location.


PHILIPPINES (Manila, Banauae, Boracay Island)

I spent a total of 18 days in the Philippines, bouncing around between the capital of Manila, the rice terraces of Banauae and Batad, and Boracay Island.

Total time: 18 days

Accomodation: 10840 PHP (Philippine Pesos) or $243.65 (avg. 387 PHP/day or $8.70/day).  Again I only stayed at hostels, and hostels that offered free breakfast.  My stay on Boracay Island was definitely the most expensive as it was the week of (and including) Christmas, but it was still only $25/night then.  

Food: 7825 PHP or $175.88 (avg. 434.72 PHP/day or $9.77/day).  Philippine food is cheap (except for Boracay Island).  Most meals only cost a few dollars and give you large portions.  

Transport: 9426 PHP or $211.87 (avg. 524 PHP/day or $11.77/day).  This includes my bus to and from the rice terraces, round trip flight between Manila and Boracay (as well as the 3 hour bus ride/ferry each way), and multiple taxi rides to and from the airport. 

Sightseeing: 1525 PHP or $34.28 (avg. 84.72 PHP/day or $1.90/day).  This is from the trip I took to see the Banauae and Batad rice terraces and the walking tour around Manila.

Other:  2309 PHP or $51.90 (avg. 129 PHP/day or $2.88/day).  This is mostly sunscreen, snacks, reloading my phone with data, and seeing the last Hobbit movie.

Total spent: 31925.25 PHP ($717.58)

Average spent per day: 1774 PHP ($39.87)

The Philippines, while still a relatively inexpensive country, like everywhere else becomes much more costly around the holiday season.  I also spent Christmas on a very touristy island which drove my travel budget way up.


ENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER (Thailand and Philippines)

Total (30 days): $1053.43

Average (30 days): $35.11

The high season, no matter where you are in the world, means high prices.  But by eating street food, walking wherever possible, and staying in hostels you will always be able to keep the cost down and stick to your travel budget.

And like I said, Thailand is it’s own unique brand of cheap.  The most wallet-friendly place I’ve ever been!  I look forward to going back.

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