Quote of the Week: Wildness is a necessity

The quote for this week comes from the famous outdoorsman and naturalist John Muir.  You have him to thank for the existence of many national parks and the creation of the Sierra Club.

wildness is a necessity

This quote hit home after quitting my job this past week because this is exactly how I have felt for quite some time now.  I felt stuck.  I felt like I was making money simply for the sake of making money.  What was I even working so hard to squirrel away funds for?  Retirement?

I was stuck in a rut.  I felt like a tiger pacing back in forth in a cage looking for a way out.

I have always had itchy feet.  I don’t know why.  The need to keep moving has always been there and got even worse (better?) when I studied abroad.  As soon as I find myself getting comfortable somewhere I start to feel the need to leave.  Not because I don’t like where I am living but because I dislike monotony I think.  I like to learn new things constantly, something that is in abundance when you arrive somewhere new but doesn’t always last.

And once I started a career and making money that’s all I seemed to be doing.  I was becoming a money making machine (albeit not that much money) who did the same thing day in and day out and I hated it.  I liked my job, I loved my friends, but I hated the routine of it all.

So like John Muir says above, I must break away from it all and head back into the mountains to learn something new.  To learn the news of the world away from the television and media and biases.

Because wildness is indeed a necessity.

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