The Cost of Travel – December 2015/January 2016 Roundup

I’m obviously a bit late in getting this ‘cost of travel’ budget roundup out, and I apologize!  Things were a bit busy in the travel world during both those months, but now that I’m finally settled in once place for a while, I’m playing a bit of catch up.

Look out for a post on the cost of 365 days of travel pretty soon!

In the meantime, here’s what the cost of travel was for the 6 different countries I found myself in during these two months.  

I hope you enjoy, because let me tell you, doing all the currency conversions to USD for all those different monies was a pain in my butt!

the alcazar in Seville, Spain

The Cost of Travel – December 2015

Spain, Germany, Czech Republic

The beginning of December found me hanging out in Spain, namely Seville and Barcelona.  Then a few days were spent in Munich before meeting up with my family in Prague for Christmas, and Berlin for New Years.

Now I’m going to be straight with you – I didn’t spend much of anything when my family was with me for 2 weeks.  My parents are amazing, and, as our Christmas gift, they pretty much paid for everything.  My sister and I did pay for a meal in Prague, but it was like $30 for all 4 of us to eat and drink to our heart’s content, so that’s not exactly a budget buster.

Therefore my expenses in December only reflect the first 3 weeks of the month when I was on my own.

Accommodation: $320.54 (avg 16.87/day) – Per usual, I spent all my time in hostels, and thankfully hostels in Spain are relatively cheap!  Again, this is only what I paid for accommodation through 19 December, when I met up with my family in Prague.

Food: $161.87 (avg $8.52/day) – Lots of delicious tapas and sangria to be had in Spain, along with the delicious beer and pretzels in Munich!

Sightseeing: $166.64 (avg $6.14/day) – This included things like the Sagrada Familia, Neuschwanstein Castle, and the Dachau concentration camp, along with free walking tours in every major city I visited.

Transportation: $75.33 (avg $3.96/day) – This includes my flight from Barcelona to Munich, and the bus from Munich to Prague.

Other: $31.05 (avg $1.63/day) – Movie tickets, shampoo, etc.

Total for December: $705.43 (avg $37.13/day)

So a bit on the higher side of things, but still not terrible for 19 days in western Europe.  Obviously that total would have been bigger if I’d been spending money for the entire month, probably somewhere around the $1000-1100 mark.

camel trekking in the Sahara, Morocco

The Cost of Travel – January 2016

Germany, England, Morocco, Norway

Happy New Year!  If you haven’t already, head on over HERE to check out my ‘Happy New Year’ video compilation of the adventures I had in 2015.

But now we’re on to 2016, and I spent the first week in Germany (Berlin for New Years, then moved on to Frankfurt for a few days).  I then flew from Frankfurt to London, spent the night “sleeping” on the airport floor, until my flight to Morocco left at 6am the next morning.  It was 3 weeks of amazing Morocco (which I can’t wait to tell you all about!), then another overnight at Stansted airport in London before moving on to Norway for the last few days of January (which WAS a total budget buster).

It was a busy but wonderful month!

Accommodation: $397.94 (avg $13.26/day) – Hostels in Morocco, where I spent the majority of January, are wonderfully cheap.  We’re talking $6-8/night.  Which was great to balance out my 4 nights in Oslo at $35/night!

Food: $251.63 (avg $8.39/day) – Morocco food is cheap and delicious, while food in Oslo and Germany is insanely expensive.  In both European countries I bought food at the grocery store and cooked my own food, but when, in Oslo, a dozen eggs will set you back $5, it adds up for sure!

Sightseeing: $112.64 (avg $3.75/day) – This includes my 3 day/2 night excursion to the Sahara, as well as a few walking tours.

Transportation: $279.03 (avg $9.30/day) – I did quite a lot of moving around in January, including a bus from Berlin to Frankfurt, a flight from Frankfurt to London, roundtrip airfare from London to/from Morocco, and a flight from London to Oslo.  So it’s pretty amazing that transportation costs are so low!  Thank you budget airlines.

Other: $67.35 (avg $2.24/day) – Movie tickets, document printing, souvenirs, etc.

Total for January: $1108.58 (avg $36.95/day)

While Morocco itself was a pretty cheap country to travel in, having such expensive places like Berlin, Frankfurt, London, and Oslo on either end of my journey to Africa really brought the total cost of travel in January up.  But, for all the moving around that happened, all the sights I saw, I’d say the cost didn’t end up being all that bad.

view from Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany - the cost of travel

Have you ever traveled to any of these countries? How does your cost of travel match up?


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